It is only a beggar and road singer, the only community who like traffic and they gain their fortune to get some changes. In fact, traffic in the city is possible to cause heart disease and heart attack. Traffic also could bring us stress, and it comes to get worse for it has a big risk three times higher to get heart attack.

But the important thing to know is that bad time management can increase the heartbeat and blood pressure and it comes to get hurt in the chest. So that, we have to fix our time management and be on time person. The more we concern about this tiny detail of time and our commitment activities of life. There is so much more advantage for us to gain more benefit than facing the hard traffic.

Furthermore, it is good for young people to walk ten thousand paths a day. It would help us to stay away from heart disease. For me, I would like to move to the high commitment eco-living city in this pollution world, such as Winnawish I was there.

This is my first time I write my blog. A little muzzy but this is I have to accept as my way to express something that I think it should be aware by anybody else.

Some people might think that they should not do something strange to them in the beginning. But then, they would actually realize that in this life, we should try everything  as positive as it should be.